With the weather starting to cool, gorgeous tulips are back at the Sydney Flower Markets. The distinctive simple shape of Tulips represent elegance and grace. Did you know that the colours of tulips have specific meanings? So the next time you want to send a message to someone, select a colour that conveys your feelings. The recipient may not know about the colour meanings, but it's such a lovely gesture.

Red - much passion and love, perfect for dates with your partner.

Pink - happiness and confidence, for sending good luck. Perfect for graduations and new baby celebrations.

Yellow - sending hope, brightness and sunshine. Perfect for sending cheer to brighten someone's day.

White - when you need to send an apology, or to signify a fresh start.

Fun Fact - Tulip stems continue to grow after being cut. Also as they are cold weather blooms, keep the water cool by adding ice cubes daily and display them in a cool place.

Of course there's many other amazing colours, not to mention double tulips or Parrot Tulips - big, blousy blooms.

Don't forget to change the water and trim the stems daily.

Every week I crush on a different colour!

Kindly, Catherine 

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