Succulent Pots in a Recycled Box

There are so many different varieties of succulents which come in all shapes of sizes and colours. The Succulent Pots in a Recycled Box will give you the best of the best without you having to decide which variety will suit the recipient. I mix and match stylish pots in either concrete, ceramic or hand painted terracotta in various colours to create a unique selection. The number of pots will vary from 2-3. The pots are then presented in a beautiful recycled box, which you could reuse in your outdoor entertaining area.

Comes in either a square recycled box or a rectangular rectangular box. If you have a preference please let me know in the Notes section (shape is subject to availability).

- Presented in a locally handmade recycled hardwood box.

- No two succulent boxes are ever the same.

- The plants come in a mix of concrete, porcelain, ceramic and terracotta pots.


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