Bunch - Tulips En Masse in a Vase

The weather has cooled down and beautiful Tulips are back in season. The distinctive simple shape of Tulips represent elegance and grace.

Due to current market availability I am offering 2 colour options of Brights or Pastels.

Please note that tulips will come closed in bud form and will grow longer in length and the buds will open. These are a long lasting bloom if kept in the right conditions. Keep them out of direct sunlight and heated rooms. Change the water every 2 days, trim the stems and add ice cubes to the fresh water. Remember that these blooms like a cold climate!

These gorgeous flowers come ready for display in a glass vase or white ceramic vase and does not include foliage.

Medium - 10 tulips (first and third image)

Large - 20 tulips (second image)

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