Christmas Wreath REFRESH

If you have bought a monkey vine wreath from me in previous years, I can refresh it. The pricing is based on the wreath diameter of 45-50cm (without anything attached). 

I use dried elements, foliage, grasses, succulents, ribbons and native materials ensuring that the wreath will age nicely.  

The diameter of the monkey vine wreath of 45-50cm will finish at about 60-65cm in diameter.

Each wreath will be a unique one-off design and will be different to the one pictured here. Please note, that the design will feature textures on the bottom half and the top half will be left open to display the beautiful wreath.

The finished wreath will be ready for delivery or pick up from Tuesday 15th December with the last Christmas delivery date being December 24th. Please note that you will need to organise last year's wreath to be delivered to me in Lilyfield. Alternatively, I can organise a courier to pick it up at your expense.

I am only offering the REFRESH option this year specifically for the monkey vine wreath. If you are after a fresh foliage wreath with optional florals, please take a look here.